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#41: Post by TomC »

Sounds like a great event! It's cool that Sherman came! I miss that dude. Good guy!

So, the important question: what was the best whisk(e)y or bourbon? :D

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#42: Post by ilVecchio »

It was an incredible afternoon, so many warm old friends. Thanks to all of you for this homecoming at Jim's.

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another_jim (original poster)
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#43: Post by another_jim (original poster) »

TomC wrote:So, the important question: what was the best whisk(e)y or bourbon? :D
I liked the Glenlivet Nadurra, which is stored in Oloroso casks for a mere 6 years. Lots of sweet oak like a good bourbon, with a light dab of peat and malt. Reminded me more of US boutique whiskeys than the basic Glenlivet 12 year old.
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#44: Post by Prairiedawg »

Thanks again Jim. Great time as always. My better half sends her thanks for the short ribs which were delicious as always. I'm already looking forward to Mike's in the spring as already trying to plan another show stopper at my place in the summer next year. I WILL advertise it here when we get to that point, unlike this year and last for obvious reasons.

Also, I enjoyed the Woodford Reserve Brandy cask finished Bourbon. Quite tasty.
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