Chicago HB Get-together: Coffee and pulled pork together, now you know you got trouble

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#1: Post by Sherman »

It's time to get back to roots. That is, barbeque and espresso. The next Home Barista Chicago Get Together has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 6 starting at 5:00pm. Ipsento Coffee has graciously offered to shut down consumer operations and give us run of the place (including the Linea and Diedrich!). I'm bringing my smoker earlier in the day to do some pulled pork. More details to come, but please RSVP here so that I can plan for enough piggie.

As always, all are welcome regardless of expertise. Come hungry, thirsty and curious about great coffee, and you'll leave satiated.

Date: Saturday, August 6th, 2011
Location: Ipsento Coffee 2035 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60647
Parking: Street parking is available. If you park on Western, it's pay until 9:00pm. If you park on a side street, it's free.

- Sherman
- Pipeguy
- another_jim
- jdugue
- Rich & Deanna from CCC
- eastsideloco
- earlgrey_44
- nerdman
- non-HB (2)

- Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kiunyu for FP/drip
- Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi for espresso

- North Carolina style pulled pork and slaw (Sherman)
- Side TBD (Pipeguy, another_jim)
- Dessert TBD (nerdman)

Compak K10 Pro
Olympia Cremina 67
Gaggia Achille
Rancilio Silvia + Auber PID (finally replaced the boiler gasket & descaled... whew)
Your dog wants espresso.
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#2: Post by Pipeguy »

I'm in, with a themed side or dessert TBD.

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#3: Post by Sherman »

Pipeguy - I'll be happy to bring your Achille. I believe that it needs a little work, but don't feel comfortable hacking away at another man's machine...
Your dog wants espresso.
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#4: Post by Pipeguy »

I'd say you've been following HB on Twitter and were being ironic but I've spent too many mornings frantically making repairs on a hot Achille to squeeze out one drinkable shot before leaving for work to doubt ya :)

Hopefully the new "commercial" location will convince anyone on the fence about attending to take the plunge and join in!

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Team HB

#5: Post by another_jim »

I'll be there, of course. Not sure yet what I'll be bringing on the coffee front. I can do another Tiramisu for dessert if people aren't bored yet.
Jim Schulman

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#6: Post by Boldjava »

Catch you on the next get-together. The last train headed north is at 8pm -- too short to rendezvous. Thanks for the efforts.

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#7: Post by Warrior372 »

I might be able to make it to this one. You really have my finals schedule nailed down Sherman. Did you call my school? All of the get togethers over the past year have fallen either one week before my finals or during the week of my finals :) . As the date gets closer / I get a better grasp on where I am for those exams I will update you.

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#8: Post by Sherman »

Studies show that espresso and pulled pork have been proven to increase test scores by 30%.
Your dog wants espresso.
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#9: Post by Warrior372 »

Haha. I can vouch for the espresso part, but cannot say I have ever eaten pulled pork while studying :) . We were actually told by our visceral anatomy professor that if we consume caffeine while studying, we need to have a relatively equal amount of caffeine in our systems prior to / while taking the test to have our brains properly recall the information. She actually recommended that people who drink caffeine while studying bring some to the test.


#10: Post by mitch236 »

I really wish I could get up there and see you and Jim again!! I really enjoyed hanging out at Ipsento. You guys are going to have a great time!!!

Maybe instead of pulled pork you should get Pho!!! (is that spelled correctly?)