Central Ohio /Columbus cafe re-up

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The existing central oh thread is 7 or so years old.
Central Ohio Coffee Shops and Roasters

Any up to date thoughts on the cafe scene in Columbus? Mission had always been my go to. Just wondering if it's still The place? Other places coming along in tha short north?

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Well, it certainly would have nice to know that mission closed its cafe. :-(

And also that roaming goat wasn't worth the stop . :-(.

But luckily One Line had a really nice Rwandan naturally processed. (No info on the varietal). But it was sweet and strong strawberry shortcake. Ground through conical so still had some nice mouth feel. Just wish they had a strong food game.... But good coffee is a great foundation.


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I started that original list sometime after moving to Cbus (since permanently back in Boston). Happy to officially pass the torch for a better (and current) curated list!

Shame about Mission. I spent many an hour there. Couldn't continue to endure the development pressures in that space off of High St.?

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That's my guess about Mission. They certainly seemed to have a strong business. And it doesn't look like the space they were in was repurposed for some yuppie nonsensical thing...

Either way. I am from Phila. Area. But travel into Columbus for business....

Perhaps there is still a Columbus area native coffee nerd to pick up your old list?


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I have family in Columbus. Definitely not taking ownership of the list, but, Cafe brioso is excellent and they've actually expanded to 2 locations. Fwiw.