Cafes in Ottawa/Kanata

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Any recommendations from the hive? Couldn't find much with the search function.

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Ministry of Coffee - not sure of current status, but the Elgin Street location used to easily have the best-pulled light roast single origin espresso in Ottawa. They used to bring in coffee from roasters around the world; now they have their own roasts, which I've never tried, and they have expanded to multiple locations, on which I have no comment.

A couple places with good reps, but I've never been to:
Little Victories,
On the Quebec side, Blue Barn in Wakefield

Note some of the places with the highest ratings on the Internet essentially roast to out-Starbucks Starbucks. Ethically-sourced dark roast rules in Ottawa. In any random cafe, I'd say to always order a milk drink.

If you're in the neighbourhood, Morala Trading is an old-school brick and mortar espresso machine store. Not the biggest showroom so I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, but they sometimes have Kees van der Westen machines on display. (They're the Kees distributor for Canada.)
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In Kanata you could try