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#11: Post by skittles_s »

Kohi (near South Station and Boston Landing) serves Tandem coffee out of Portland, ME. Not quite a local roaster but they do have decent coffees.

The Newton GH is my neighborhood cafe. Very heartened to see that they've weathered the past year (so it seems). Quality is good as expected.

Cafe Nero is all over town. I cannot comment much on it. Had one espresso right before everything closed down. Very dark but drinkable (compared to *$).


#12: Post by tennisman03110 »

I took a tour of Boston in 2018. There's this place popular with the locals and celebrities alike. It's more of a cafe, not a dedicated roaster. They have some fine baked goods and diverse drink menu. It's near the Garden, across from CVS, I can't recall the name exactly, l think the sign was something like DD?

There's also Jaho Coffee Roasters, they have a few locations. More mainstream, different vibe. And Japanese soft serve.

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#13: Post by darve »

George Howell is great, and generally my go-to due to all of their locations, but if you want the best espresso in the Boston area and the most consistently good, check out Curio coffee in Cambridge. Their waffles are good too.