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Postby baristainzmking » Jun 14, 2019, 10:36 am

Hi guys,

I am going to be in Los Angeles for the weekend, (specifically around West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hils, Santa Monica). So of course, the wedding or not, I would like to visit some cafes. What are you must visit recommendations??


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Postby yakster » Jun 14, 2019, 5:14 pm

Looks like Cognoscenti Coffee is nearby. I' have that saved in Google Maps as a place to try.

@Michaelandcoffee00 recommended Coffee Tomo, also nearby, as a place with excellent espresso.

G&B Coffee is good, Go Get Em Tiger, and I've heard good things about Dinosaur Coffee and Lamill Coffee

This thread may have ideas Newbie looking for home training in Los Angeles and hopefully a local will chime in.

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Postby caeffe » Jun 17, 2019, 4:05 pm

A google search will bring a few names - yakster's link has some
Here's another link that provides an overview ... s-espresso

A few that comes to mind based on where you're going to be located and some suggestions in addition to just coffee and additional details including one "locals mainly" shop.

Hopefully not too far away from your temporary home, in Culver City if you decide to hit up Cognoscenti, also go to The Conservatory https://the-conservatory-for-coffee-tea ... s/about-us
What I like about them is that they roast right there on the premises - the roaster is right there as soon as you enter and it is a family owned and operated shop. It's right across from Sony Studios and parking is relatively easy around the area. I like to give a shout out to these small family owned (mom and pop) shops which are slowly disappearing due to the Starbucks / Peets conglomerates that are slowly choking them out.

Caffe Luxxe has a few locations in the West LA area - there's one on Montana Ave in Santa Monica and you can also walk down Montana ave and visit other shops. ... philosophy
I would suggest their Brentwood location in the Country Mart - ... 18.4903941
After you've had you're coffee/espresso there's an ice cream shop next door. The restaurant in this complex, FarmShop - has a great bakery/deli in it and their omelets are made the french style. There's also a Blue Bottle not too far away (walking :D )

Intelligentsia has a shop in Venice on Abbott Kinney - this street is also a good walk for sightseeing either before or after your coffee. And... there's a Salt & Straw ice cream shop on the street that's walkable. They have some offbeat flavors that they usually make/offer.
Or you can "drive" to Silver Lake to their location there and possibly also hit up LaMill. If you do go to LaMill, have table service and get some siphon brewed coffee (if they still do this) for a slow travel experience.

Enjoy LA and don't be afraid to walk around
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