Cafe and roasters in Cincinnati

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#1: Post by Jesse.F »

I'm going to be living in Mount Auburn Cincinnati for a few weeks, what cafe and or roasters should I check out? I prefer predominantly straight espresso, or black coffee, light to medium roasts.


#2: Post by NicoNYC »

Hey Jesse. I left Cincy a number of years ago, so I'm not the most up to date on the coffee scene there but I'll try to recommend what I can:

Collective Espresso in OTR & Northside: I think it was the 3rd wave shop in Cincinnati to really focus on consistent, quality espresso. Also holds a dear place in my heart since it's where I learned to appreciate straight espresso. If you can catch Dave or Dustin, ask them for other recommendations, they're well-connected to the local coffee scene.

Deeper Roots: Now it seems that they have coffee shops, when I was there, they were only roasting, and supplied Rohs St Cafe and a lot of other local cafes.

Ta'bogo Cafe Coffee is fine, mostly tossing this in because it's where Cars n Coffee meets on Saturday (I think?) mornings. There are some cool vintage cars there if that's your thing.

Enjoy your time there. Be sure to take an afternoon to wander through Mt. Adams & Eden Park, it's a gorgeous area with fantastic views of the city and you can walk right over from Mt. Auburn.