Bottegadelledelizie - Bra, Italy - Best shop in the World?

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Bottegadelledelizie meaning "Shop of Delights" was a startling find for me. When you find a shop that takes as much or MORE care as you do as home, and makes exquisite coffee, and is friendly and welcoming, and you just want to spend all day there. Seems to me those are some of the traits of the best shop in the world.

For those sitting home on a Saturday wishing they were elsewhere, like Italy, sit back and enjoy.
The KDV Spirit espresso machine in action and the results. Their pour over method. Each coffee was carefully explained to the customer as it was delivered. I would say it was a 5-10 minute process per customer to make and deliver their coffee(s). The shop is clean and spacious and they have a turntable. The Smith's song "The Queen is Dead" was playing when we went in the day after she died.

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#2: Post by Chert »

Startling? Were you aware of it before you walked in?

Most great shops with so much attention to detail are placed where they can sell 100s of great cups per day. Where is that one?

Nice reportage. I definitely like coffee shops of delight.
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CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster)

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Aware of it in the sense it is a shop in Bra, Italy and our daughter is in school in the next town over. NOT aware of it in the sense of the quality and attention to detail. I expected it to be barely drinkable instead of not drinkable as most experiences were, but the way they took their time and did everything blew me away.
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