Best roasters in the Minneapolis area?

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Hello, fellow coffee lovers.

I currently get my coffee from a local roaster in Rochester and will be visiting Minneapolis for a few days.

I was wondering if anyone here is based there and has good recommendations on where I may find some good local roasters in the area.


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SK Coffee is often going to have some uniquely processed coffee along with some rare ones from time to time. I've been happy with the bags I've gotten from Wesley Andrews. Corner Coffee is another one, but I haven't been there yet. FRGMNT carries Manhattan, Tim Wendelboe, Nomad, Proud Mary, Square Mile, April, and a bunch more I can't remember. You never quite know what bags they'll have at each of their locations. Dogwood has a number of blend options as well as single origin.

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Yup, what they said. At this point I am not sure I'd buy a lot of beans from any of them but they are all worth a visit. Spyhouse is the most consistent and their Orion espresso bomb is so chocolate I feel like it really is hot chocolate.

Where I would buy though is if you happen across whichever Farmer's Market Norte Cafe is selling at. I just gave it a try this weekend and it was really good. The guy gets the coffee from his family's farm in Colombia and roasts it to sell here. I asked how light he roasts and he actually had some "light roast" bags in his truck he pulled out for me. They were what we'd call medium on HB (no sheen), which is what I prefer. I haven't vetted him any more than a quick chat and checking out his website but I was impressed and happy to buy from him and drink his good coffee. $20/lb was a nice price too.

Ok, I doubt you'll be where they are, but any of the rest of you on here check it out if you ever see him!

(Pictures of beans always seem a bit darker than in real life, it seems)

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There is a throw down on Thurs, Sept 14th at FRGMNT:

Anyone care to get together?

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I like Backstory. Two locations, one each in St Paul and Minneapolis.
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I'd preliminarily be interested in meeting up at the throw down. I'll check for sure, but then PM some of the others who have attended things before. Nice!


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Not a coffee shop, but the most knowledgeable coffee roaster I know. Read for yourself. Open Tuesdays and Saturday mornings