Best Espresso in Ann Arbor?

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#1: Post by cameronreddy »

Where is the best espresso in or around Ann Arbor, MI?

From 2020 posts, I see Comet mentioned a couple of times. But what about now, in 2023?

I'd like to find a truly good shot of espresso to compare to what I've been able to make.

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#2: Post by TRH629 »

Hi Cameron,

I just saw your post and was wondering if you had any successes finding good coffee shops in Ann Arbor?

I have not been to Ann Arbor for a number of years, but Comet and Zingermans, I thought, were pretty good.
Cross Street in Ypsilanti (previously The Ugly Mug) was OK at best.
I was thinking about checking out Roos - I'm going to be in the area in a couple weeks.


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Thanks! I found Comet, and will try Zingerman's and Roos!

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I spent a week in Ann Arbor last year. Comet was the best I could find, and the espresso was done well. I'm going for two weeks next year and will rely on my Aero Press and hand grinder.
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