Best Cafes In Seattle?

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I am going to be spending a few days in Seattle next week and will be looking to hit some shops. Definitely wanna hit La Marzocco's shop but that's all that's on my list so far. I am into light roasted single origins both as espresso and pourover. I don't really care about milk drinks/specialty drinks. I'm staying downtown at the Hilton Garden at Boren & Stewart so any shops within walking distance of there would be ideal. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


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Welcome to Seattle and hopefully you enjoy your time here. Whether you're a fan of Starbucks or not, I think the Starbucks Reserve Roastery is worth going to for the experience. ... ns/seattle. Plus it has the bonus of being a few doors down from another Seattle roaster so you can hit both in the same trip.

My personal favorite is Caffe Ladros but know that I am strictly a latte drinker and their default espresso is medium-dark. If you're planning to take in a ferry ride, Pegasus Coffee on Bainbridge Island is one of my favorite Saturday spots. If pastries/food are a component of your coffee shop experience, Fresh Flours and General Porpoise (filled donuts only) are fantastic but they are not roasters.


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I like:
Victrola - E Pike
Cafe Vita - E Pike
Vivace - Broadway East
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For the taste interest you describe don't miss out on Milstead & Co in Fremont.

Tougo currently open at 860 Yesler is also one not to miss.
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clc12rock (original poster)

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Thanks for the responses so far! I just found out the La Marzocco cafe is temporarily closed. Such a bummer, I've wanted to visit there for years.

I am also down to check out any classic Seattle shops, even if they aren't pulling shots of light roasted SOs. I can definitely appreciate a well-pulled comfort blend!


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FWIW another one we visited and liked was Analog Coffee. Great sound track and it was nice to sit and watch the neighborhood/local vibe while relaxing on vacation.
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I keep wondering what I am missing with my traditional medium roast ristrettos. All of my experiences with light roasts in cafes and at home have been sour and or bitter.
Can someone point me to a cafe around Seattle that can make me an excellent light roast espresso?


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Chert wrote:For the taste interest you describe don't miss out on Milstead & Co in Fremont.


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RyanP wrote:This
Chert wrote:Milstead & Co
thanks, i'll try to get over there.

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Rice Bowl

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Elm Coffee Roasters is also underrated, been a while since I've visited since I moved a year ago but I liked their coffee. Herkimer also does a really good job for a local roaster as well.