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#1: Post by Piers »

I live in South Africa where coffee gear/equipment is pretty thin on the ground. I am however visiting New York in May and would appreciate it if anyone can point me the direction of any stores that have interesting coffee gear (or decent coffee shops for that matter, please not Charbucks!). Tamps, thermometers, milk jugs etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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A recent list, courtesy of Google site search, something worth a try if you want the info fast.
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#3: Post by malachi »

coffee shops:

9th St
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#4: Post by Piers »

Thanks for the help, looking forward to it.


#5: Post by aindfan »

I think the best list/map that I've seen is this: ... manhattan/

The one place that I would add is The Mercury Dime, a great place for coffee (espresso or french press) and the absolutely delicious Affogato (espresso over gelato). It is (somewhat) close to Dessert Truck's evening parking spot.

The only two places open until midnight (as far as I know) are Mercury Dime and Think Coffee. I don't know that you'll find much coffee equipment to bring home from NYC, but I'd certainly recommend bringing home some beans from any of the places that sell them (for example, getting Counter Culture's Espresso Toscano at Everyman Espresso). Enjoy your trip!

I don't think Stumptown is open yet in NYC, but I could be (I hope I am) wrong. I know the three 9th Street Espresso locations serve Stumptown coffee though.
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#6: Post by malachi »

He's visiting in May.
Stumptown will be open.

While that blog post is amusing - there are some places on it I would not send someone I don't like (much less someone I'd like to see have a good time). Seriously.
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#7: Post by Martin »

Note that if you are staying in Manhattan none of these shops is above Union Square. Distances are not great, but staying downtown gives much better access. "Coffee gear"? Can't say I've ever seen more than a few odds and ends on shelves in any store, anywhere.


#8: Post by portamento »

Second malachi's recommendations, plus a couple of favorites from my last trip:

Abraço (in East Village)
El Beit (in Williamsburg/Brooklyn)


#9: Post by Piers »

I'm about to start marking these off on my map. I'm staying in E8th street so it seems like they're pretty close. Thanks for all the help. Regarding the gear would you suggest online as the best resource? I was hoping to actually 'fondle' the stuff before i buy but i guess online might be the only way.

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#10: Post by espressoed »

There's not really anyplace in NYC dedicated to espresso equipment retail but....

A visit to Zabar's ( is never a bad thing.

They've got a lot of coffee and espresso stuff amid their upstairs collection of kitchen/housewares. And if you buy any kind of coffee maker they'll throw in a free pound of fresh roasted coffee beans.
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