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:roll: where are the baristas in North Austin Round Rock areas? All I see are Starbucks?
So far I have been to several downtown South Austin, East Austin, West Austin, chains, the notes and tastes of Austin are different then what I'm use to in Fl market.
I like dark medium roast with a punch. What is off the chain that I can experience here while I get my new groove chapter on?

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My reply may be a bit late but hopefully it's still relevant and helpful. I work in Austin coffee but my area of familiarity is primarily downtown, east & central Austin.

Please beware that "North Austin" is a relative term that means different things to many different people =) hopefully everything I cite below is North enough to be useful. I consider Barrett's Coffee at St Johns x North Lamar as "North Austin" (and an excellent destination) but it's nowhere near RR, so I will throw the following as suggested destinations:

Houndstooth @ The Domain
Medici Roasting @ The Domain
Red Horn (1431 x Parmer)
309 Coffee
Lamppost Coffee
Mi Mundo

Hope that helps, and welcome to Austin.
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