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Boldjava (original poster)

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Pair Cupworks. For the life of me, can't figure out the title of this shop. Maybe hard cider and coffee? Tough to brand.

This is Kimhka, owner of the coffee portion of the hard cider, coffee, and wood stove (burning juniper wood for aficionados. He is roasting on a 3.5 lbs Buckeye and he too has outgrown his roasting capacity. Place had wonderful industrial character. Pleasant, garage doors open.

Kimhka was a gracious host, fielding all kinds of questions while flawlessly making drinks.

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Boldjava (original poster)

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C'mon Dave, the coffee wasn't that bad...

Just an old grump, (winks). Mark ran the shot in the cortado too long and I ended up with a thin one. He politely asked for feedback.

I really am not there for the coffee. We are spoiled and shops have to stretch themselves to extend that which we are used to. I just enjoy meeting others.This was our third dance on the dance card in Arizona.

I think both shops might be cutting corners by buying a level below 3rd wave expectations. I admire their work, their guts, and their willingness to welcome 5 geeks. Both such pleasant shops. Give them a try.

See you guys in a different shop next year. (Might as well drive to Nogales (wide grin). ... ffee+shops

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Team HB

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Just kidding, there were smiles all morning. Unfortunately the camera-fu was not with me today...

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Shoot, guys. I am sorry I missed the meet-up. Frankly, I just whiffed on seeing the date. As it turns out, I had a training meeting with my team that I couldn't miss anyway. So I was on the phone with people from Minnesota all morning!

Glad you had a good time.

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Boldjava (original poster)

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Michael gifted each of us a Rwanda Natural. He nailed the roast.

I use 32gr to 16-17oz finished coffee. This natural is not at all edgy. Perfectly balanced, city plus roast. Thanks, Michael.

Pete, have tix with family for ASU-Stanford, a week from Sunday. Univ of Ariz has no public seating, while ASU is pod arranged.
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Aw, just now saw this thread. I sure would have liked to have attended. But, that's me, a day late and a dollar short.

Maybe next time I won't miss the thread.
Would love to see a few more pictures?


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Found a new one today. Buzzed Goat Coffee in Auhwatukhee (sp) off of Ranch Circle Rd. They make the coffee drinks carefully, especially for a place that serves alcohol. The barista is quite a character.

Gabe opened this three years ago starting off as a food truck. He gets supplied by the Phoenix Roasting Co out of North Scottsdale.

Please bear with me, I jokingly told them I was an 'influencer' when I've never really even look at my social media.

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Boldjava (original poster)

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tbonesays wrote:Found a new one today. Buzzed Goat Coffee in Auhwatukhee (sp) off of Ranch Circle Rd...
We now can start the list for Feb '22! At this rate, If we DO keep creeping further south, I estimate we will hit the Chiapas coffee farms by 2135. Mark it down.
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