Anyone know what happened to The Grind Coffee Project in Ft. Lauderdale?

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This may be old, old news but when I Googled them the other day, I discovered they have been closed for a while. I'd be interested to know if the shop has been reincarnated. This was my first experience with high-end espresso and made my trip to Ft. Lauderdale with my then-fiancee-now-wife extra memorable about 10-12 years ago. ... staurants/

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Hi! Yoni shut it down around July 2021, and then Wells opened up their second location in that spot. I haven't spoken to Yoni for a while, but I do see him post on social media sometimes. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Are you planning a visit?
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Hi, thanks for the info. No current plans to visit, mainly curious. Was sad to hear it closed down since it was a particularly memorable stop for me. But then again ten+ years is a good run for a shop I suppose. If the owner had opened up another shop somewhere, I would definitely check it out next time I am there.

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I used to get all my coffee from "The Grind". Was a great coffee shop that we found while on vacation. Talked to the owner a number of times about coffee beans and was always very friendly. Any idea if he would open a shop in the future?