Any cafe recommendations for Ithaca NY?

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Will be in Ithaca the first week of August and figured I'd ask if there was any shops that are worth a visit.

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Wish I could help you for when my son went to Cornell I was not into coffee at all. I will be up there soon, so I will be looking back at this thread!

Ever been up in Ithaca before? It is gorgeous up there, and not only because of all the gorges! Nice city, colleges gorges, waterfalls, lakes, stores, etc.

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Gimme Coffee used to have a few shops in Brooklyn and I liked them pretty well (a little more than shops with similar bean prices/quality like Variety or Grumpy, if that contextualizes them at all). I always thought it was interesting that their pour over options were made with Clever Drippers, I can't think of another cafe that does that. I visited the flagship in Ithaca. Coffee was fine, very much a college town coffee shop hangout vibe.

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Thank you, we will try Gimme when we are there.

I've never been up there and my kids and I will be up for vacation next week. We all enjoy coffee and try and find different places to go when I'm not making drinks at home
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Don't know much about this website, or the places mentioned. Good starting point I guess. There are 4 coffee roasters listed in Ithaca.

Hopefully they are good, and I am sure they would have good recommendations for cafes in the area


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10 years ago, we were visiting Ithaca fairly frequently and we liked the "Ithaca Coffee Company" 2255 North Triphammer Rd.
Back then a nice coffee experience, with some simple eats.
Ithaca is defiantly an eclectic town.
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PS: If you like beer, "Ithaca Beer Company" 122Ithaca Beer Dr. :-)

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I will heartily recommend Gimme! in particular as they were one of the first of the current wave of unionized coffee companies, and have now switched over to a worker-owned cooperative model. I consider their roasting style to be "old school modern," with more roast development than I usually prefer but good sourcing and greens quality.

Copper Horse doesn't have a shop, exactly, but they do have a trailer they take to events in summer and a tasting room at the roastery that is open on Saturdays. Check their social media for details on that.