African Delight - lunch and Jebena (Toronto)

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Postby happycat » Mar 16, 2019, 10:35 pm

Had a great lunch at African Delight on Bloor

Lamb tibs and injera... delicious and filling. Wonderfully seasoned. I ripped up injera and used it in place of silverware... I've noticed no one tells me what to do, but I feel they watch respectfully to see if I need guidance. I knew the drill already though.

Then a large jebena coffee. They have a different style jebena with no spout which was not at all awkward, and some fragrant incense. We didn't see the roasting coffee this time but I don't miss that. The cups were made in China.


I asked about the coffee origins and as usual was told "Ethiopia." However our server was happy to check on the region and came back to say it was "Kaffa". Cool... a new origin for me! I figure exploring these places will expose me to all kinds of origins depending on where proprietors source their greens.

The coffee was smooth and rich. Taste of honey and milk chocolate and some spice. A bit roasty but not unpleasant. We enjoyed multiple cinis over quite awhile, feeling rather drowsy and ready for a nap. No sludge in the cinis.

Once again we saw men as the clientele although there were some closed off "family" areas we couldn't see into.

Thoroughly enjoyable cafe experience. Relaxing, satisfying.
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