The 6th annual Chicago/Milwaukee BBQ/Tapas/Now Pizza Party July 23rd - Page 3

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.
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A most sincere thank you to Prairiedawg and Mrs. Prairiedawg. I have never had such a variety of quality pizzas in one day. To second Sideshow's above comment, this is also part of yearly highlight for me. As usual with these Chicago-Milwaukee get-togethers, this was an embarassment of riches company, coffee, food and libations (whiskey).

Since this is a coffee forum :) , I will mention my favorite was the Diego Bermudez (Manhattan Coffee Roasters) brewed by Jake_G.
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Prairiedawg (original poster)

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Thanks for coming everyone. It was a great time as usual. I need to figure out a better way to host though. I spent most of the day making pizzas ( over 20 by the end), and didn't get to socialize or try the coffees as much as I wanted. It was great to see everyone again and meet a new face as well.

The pizzas were great. I'm eating some as I write this (yest at 8am). A bacon and veggie pizza with mushrooms, grilled zucchini, roasted brussels sprouts and Usinger's bacon. Good stuff. The favorites seemed to be the simple Margherita and the BBQ brisket pizza with roasted corn, provolone, and Haywood Smokehouse (Dillsboro, NC) BBQ sauce.

Special thanks to @ earlgrey_44 for bringing the wonderful Shrimp Louie and all the extra pizza dough. Vlad and Jim for the coffees and the shrimp and veal. Sideshow for the great Australian whiskey that I could taste even with my Covid nose. Everyone else for bringing coffees, salads etc. We all make it a success. A great group of people whom I gladly open my home to.

At this point, I don't know where to raise the bar to, so I'm going to have to reset it. Next year, hot dogs and Miller lite.
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#23: Post by vberch »

John and Christine, thank you very much for hosting another outstanding get-together! It was magnificent! The pizzas, tapas, all the dishes, whiskey, coffee and most importantly company were as good as it gets!

It was so great to see everyone!

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#24: Post by Ken5 »

Sounds like a great time John! Very nice of you to host the event!!! I am sure everyone enjoyed the pizzas immensly, as did you. Too bad it kept you from some of the festivities, though wonder how well coffee and hot dogs go together?

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#25: Post by dcbrown1 »

John and Christine...this event was a total wow. Vlad told me it would be great, but I had no idea. Awesome job on the pizzas!! And, all of the food was just amazing. Best of all, the people are wonderful. What a passionate group! Very much looking forward to next time! Cheers, Dave Brown