6 weeks across Asia, cafe recommendations

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Hi HB Community,

Long time lurker and very rare poster - would greatly appreciate input for an upcoming trip. I am traveling to Asia for 6 weeks from end December through January and want to find some amazing cafes/coffee! Preference is light to medium roasts, open to most preparations, though lean towards espresso and pour over.

Tokyo 3 days
Kuala Lumpur 4 days
Vientam 2.5 weeks (Hanoi, Da Nang/Hoi An, Dalat, Ho Chi Minh) - Planning to visit coffee farms in Dalat if anyone has recommendations for that as well
Singapore 4 days
Bangkok 5 days
Krabi 3 days

Thank you in advance for any recommendations!!

- Andrew


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Don't know if your plans for Thailand could extend to include Chiang Mai, which is far more of a coffee town than Bangkok, at least in my experience from a couple of short visits.

I liked 9-1 coffee in Chiang Mai, but there are many others.


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ataytslin (original poster)

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Ah, I have not. I can refer to that thread for Singapore to avoid redundancy.

Unfortunately, won't be able to swing Chiang Mai but will definitely keep it in mind for the future. Thank you all so far for the replies!

- Andrew


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more from Sprudge. 3rd June 2022

Build-Outs Of Coffee: 43 Factory Coffee Roaster In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

https://sprudge.com/build-outs-of-coffe ... 87387.html

Roasters: Giesen W6A with automatic roasting system
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco Leva S
Grinder Machine: Mahlkönig E80 Supreme, Ditting 807 Lab Sweet
Brewers: By hands with Kinto