392 Caffe in Davenport/Clinton Iowa is great

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#1: Post by KCcoffeegeek »

Was in Davenport, IA for work last week and 392 Caffe is EXCELLENT. The 1 and 1 is on point and their cafes all seem like they've been open forever, even though the first one I visited on Utica Ridge Road was only opened that week. They get their coffee from Brandywine and one of the cool things I found out after talking to one of the cofounders for an hour was that each cafe has its own unique house blend that is reflective of the aesthetic of the cafe and the people who patronize it. These are also blended and roasted by Brandywine. The names are Red Diamond for the Clinton shop, White Diamonds for the downtown Davenport one and Black Diamonds for the Utica shop. Cool idea. They're doing it right, for sure.


#2: Post by Hollingsworths1 »

They also make all their own syrups if you are into those kind of drinks. My wife is from Clinton and grew up with the owners so we go to that shop whenever visiting.