[FS] White DE1XL 1.43 Coffee Cart

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Hello everyone,

Looking to sell my Decent DE1XL. The Decent is in wonderful condition. Has pulled about 700 shots on the shot counter. Used to steam milk for a drink once or twice a week. Have always followed the maintenance suggested by Decent themselves. Backflush cycle a day and one cleaning cycle on the weekends. Other things included are

1 x Sworksdesign Diffusor - $165
1 x Sworksdesign cup tray (in white); No longer produced! - $190
1 x Sworksdesign water tank cover - $90
1 x Spouted Natural Wood Portafilter - $129
1 x Tea Portafilter - $139
1 x Cater Kit - Kit bundle = $500
1 x Plumb Kit - Kit bundle = $500
1 x Drain Kit - Kit bundle = $500
1 x Countersink Kit - $280
1 x Flojet for Pitcher Rinser - $239
1 x Pitcher Rinser - $290
1 x Coffee Cart Top -$90
1 x Ikea Bror Table - $259

I would obviously prefer a local sale in Portland, OR but am happy to discuss shipping options if someone has a strong interest for this full package. I just finished moving last year so I should still have some boxes around. All of this has a retail well above $6500, so I am going to ask $5250 OBO. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you for looking.