[FS] Weber Workshops Key Onyx with Magic & Standard Tumblers (Toronto)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Reluctantly listing my Weber Workshops Key Coffee grinder. It's been great, and burrs are probably a bit seasoned.
I also have an HG-2 so this is a bit redundant (One must go, HG-2 may also be available instead).

I found this grinder / burrset very versatile, it works amazingly for espresso as well as coarser brew methods, such as pour over, AND for either light or darker roasts! Very versatile all purpose single dose grinder with variable RPM and super low retention.
Most grinders are not quite as versatile from my experience.

Weber Key is an high end large 83mm Mazzer conical burr (TiN coated) commercial grade single dose low retention grinder. Considered one of the few 'END Game' grinders.

Surprisingly high clarity for a conical burr grinder, especially at lower RPM, and at higher RPM you maybe get a little more body. The Burrs in this Weber Key and Weber HG-2 grinders have been pre-seasoned and treated with a special long lasting titanium coating, which I believe helps it achieve the higher flavour clarity vs the HG-1 with the same (but untreated/uncoated) Mazzer Burrs (I heard that somewhere but haven't used the HG-1 or Prime myself so curious to know if that's the case for someone who's tried BOTH).

These burrs (perhaps a conical thing...) always seems to add a richness and 'unami' flavour which I don't get from my flat burr grinders, which just makes everything very tasty.

No problems with it, it produces great coffee and is very versatile and forgiving (pretty good tasting results even when shots don't seem like they're gonna turn out very well!). Great for newbies, ironically :)

Burrs are now just seasoned after being used for about 7 months (got it around January I believe), but used it along with many other grinders (so not too much use). Burrs are rated for like 5,000KG! So they should be good for like 100 years probably :o
I've never even used the brush.

Comes with BOTH style tumblers, the Magic one with built in WDT tool (comes with some extra WDT attachments as well) and the Standard one with the funnel attachment. Has a few different wiper arm options. Lots of extra accessories.

There's currently a pre-order list and wait till 2023 for the next batch to be released so if someone wants it and doesn't want to wait (and also avoid the mystery of duty / import charges which may be another $600!? then mine is available!
Also a bonus is that the burrs are already partly seasoned, I did notice an improvement in consistency and taste after putting some coffee through it.

Selling for $3100. $2999 Canadian
Price reduced from $3500! (originally listed on other platforms)

Could alternatively sell my Silver HG-2 for $2500 Canadian, also with dual tumblers. But with more seasoned burrs.

Thanks for viewing,

May or may not come with an Option-o sticker on it now :lol: Newest photos are the ones with the sticker on it (didn't bother dusting it off for the photos so may be a little coffee dusty).