[SOLD] Weber Workshops Key Grinder Onyx New Unopened + Bean Cellar (Europe)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

#1: Post by ramo »

Impulse purchase during preorder campaign, regretted as I'm too new to the game and it's a too expensive machine for the limited amount of espresso I make. Haven't yet opened the shipping box it came with as I was doubting whether to keep it or not. Willing to sell it now for 1,850 EUR / 1,950 USD + Shipping. Item is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but open to shipping worldwide. Includes all the following, some of which were optional:

- Key Grinder (Value $2,000)
- Bean Cellar Set (with caddy, 12 shot double row, value $120)
- Cleaning Brush Tips × 2 (Nylon, Vegan, value $20)
- Looking Glass (Value $78)

Total current value would be $ 2,218 / 2,100 EUR (with long waiting line), but willing to part with it for 1,850 EUR + shipping so that I break even with what I paid as discounted pre-order (+shipping, +import tax to Europe).