[SOLD] Weber HG-2 / Bravo Distributor / Decent Funnel + Stand / Force Tamper bases / Normcore puck screens

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Hi all,

Withdrawn Moving along my beloved HG-2 and some other odds and ends. Any questions just ask!

Weber Workshops HG-2 is in excellent condition and has the upgraded gear set installed. Comes with both the magic AND standard tumbler. Selling because I just got a Monolith Flat and I can't keep both atm. Ships in original packaging. Looking to sell for what I paid: $1200 plus shipping.

SOLD Bravo 58.4mm Espresso Distributor and Leveler in Matte Black. Purchased from Whole Latte Love earlier this month and decided I don't want to add another step to my work flow. Excellent condition, ships in original packaging. Paid $167, sell for $125 shipped in the US.

SOLD Decent funnel, excellent condition, paid $79 direct from Decent, sell for $50 shipped in the US.

Withdrawn Decent Portafilter stand, bottomless, V2, paid $29, sell for $20 shipped in the US. Has a piece of stainless steel attached via 3m tape so that it would stick to the magnet on the HG-2. I can remove it before I ship if you like.

SOLD Normcore 2-pack 58.5mm SS puck screen with stand. Used the 1.7mm a couple of times, 1mm never used - Paid $29, selling for $19 shipped

SOLD Force Tamper switchable tamper base Base-D Ripple, 58.50mm - Paid $35, selling for $25 shipped

Withdrawn Force Tamper switchable tamper base (distribution and tamp function combined) d-flat, 58.50mm - Paid $33, selling for $23 shipped

Lots of references available, any questions just ask!