[SOLD] VST Coffee Lab III Refractometer

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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As everyone knows to buy a VST Refractometer is a great investment and for the few times that it will be utilized it does come at great cost. However it is a great tool for diagnosing issues and fundamental problems during prep and extraction of espresso. There is a great deal of study done by Socratic Coffee and the benefits of a Refractometer especially in commercial settings. This tool is also ideal in a home setting as well where establishing routine and predictability is necessary. I would like to announce that if anyone is interested in renting the latest VST Coffee Lab III Refractometer, you can PM me. Please do not reply to this thread. Details are below on Rental fees and procedures.

Rental Deposit Fee: $750 (This fee will be returned once Refractometer is received and inspected for damage or missing items)

Weekly Rental fee: $175
-This option is ideal for extended testing and or prolonged rental period
Note: 5 days upon arrival based on shipping receipt from Parcel Service

Daily Rental fee: $35
Note: Minimum 2 day rental

All rentals will include:
-2 filters per day (disposable, does not need to be returned)
-1 Pipette (non-disposable, please return)
-1 Syringe (disposable, does not need to be returned)
-1 Box of Kimtech Wipes (return remaining wipes from box)