[SOLD] Versalab M3

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I'm selling my Versalab M3. I bought it recently from another member that is also here on HB: [SOLD] Versalab M3

I'm moving international and initially planned on shipping all my stuff including espresso equipment. I've now decided to move with a clean slate and just two big suitcases. I'd really like to see this grinder go to someone who is going to use it. It's honestly my favorite grinder. I've had the chance to live with a Monolith for a few weeks and an EG-1 for a few weeks and I still like this better. Does it have its flaws? Yes. You can't just dump the beans in. It's loud and heavy as #$$@$#@; reminds me of Thor's hammer. But the workflow is amazing: grind, tap, tamp and pull. There is no RDT or WDT necessary. I didn't realize how much I dislike WDT until I felt like I didn't have to do it.

I would like to get $2,000 for it, which is what I paid. Really don't want to ship this, but will at buyer's expense. Currently in San Ramon, CA.