[SOLD] Versalab M3

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I am selling my Versalab M3 to make room for the Ditting Lab Sweet I bought.

It was purchased new in 2012.

The maintenance/improvement history of this grinder is:

1. Flat burrs were replaced in 2017. Less than 50 lbs run through the grinder since. Extra burrs will be included. Upgrading to SSP burrs is $225 but since they are the same geometry, there is no real benefit.

2. Grinder shipped to Versalab in 2019 for rebuild to bring the grinder up to the standards current for that time. This ended up being the final
version of the M3. Following is the list of updates from the Versalab website that occurred between the time I purchased the grinder and when I
sent it to them for rebuild that encompasses what they did:

a. Big pulley/shaft bolt torqued to 200 in/lbs.
b. Shafts pressed into bearings, checked for run out. Glued into top plate. Recheck run out. Top of grinder frame dowelled together
within .002". From this time on, misalignment is not possible unless the machine is damaged (even shipping dropping wouldn't
alter alignment). Radial run out within .003" TIR, axial within .0004" TIR.
c. 17-4 ph stainless steel small pulleys. Quite hard. The original design of knurled aluminum pulleys were found to be wearing the
knurling. The new pulleys will last a very long time.
d. Tighter belts, slight increase in speed to 550 rpm. To provide better grinding with light roasts.
e. Last month I replaced the moving wiper with their newly designed one that contains a bushing to improve stability.

I never put the stickers on that show the markers for grind settings. Also printed out a cap for popcorning.

If you want to do the M4 upgrade, it is $475 + $30 shipping and comes with a new controller, belts and pulleys. You could also buy a new Bodine controller and toothed gear set for a little cheaper if you are a DIYer.

The price for a new grinder with portafilter holder is $3165 + $150 shipping + tax. You can buy the upgrade kit and still be well under the cost for new.