[SOLD] Used Compak K10 Conic PB (Michigan)

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I'm selling my Compak K10 Professional Conic 68 millimeter burr grinder. I purchased it from Chris Coffee in 2019. It sat unopened for a year (espresso machine problems). I started using it approximately 1 year ago for drip coffee.

Now that I have a new espresso machine, I'd like to adjust the grind but cannot. I can't budge the grind regulator. The grinder has been periodically cleaned with Grindz. I spoke with a technician at Chris Coffee who advised the burr threads may be caked with oil and he would need to take it apart to diagnose and (possibly) fix. I don't want to deal with shipping it anywhere because I can't lift it for packaging. I hope someone may be experienced enough to take advantage of what I think is a good deal on a fairly unused grinder.

$900 local pickup only - Northern lower Michigan