[SOLD] Upgraded ECM Classika with Pullman Accessories (South Central PA)

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I am selling a 2018 ECM Classika Espresso Machine purchased from Clive Coffee. Clive Coffee's model includes an upgraded joystick (versus a knob) for the steam wand. The machine is in great quality. I am fairly neurotic, but I am aware that others in this forum are more so, so the only aesthetic issues I see is that there is some dust on top of the grouphead (see last photo) and the top of the machine that I've always been to terrified to clean for fear or scratching the chrome.

Come with traditional portafilter, bottomless portafilter, Pullman Big Step Tamper and Pullman distributor + Pullman 19/22g basket.

I've enjoyed the machine immensely as an espresso-only drinker. It's incredibly consistent, especially so with the Pullman setup. The machine looks incredible in our coffee nook, and the feeling of the heavy switch to start and stop the shot is very satisfying. The routine for steaming milk requires a bit of coordination, so if you want milk drinks on the daily, I wouldn't recommend it.

I pull two shots a day, one in the morning and 0neAfter each shot, I backflush twice. Every few weeks, I run joe glo through the machine until the water runs clear. I use poland springs bottled water which I occasionally test for TDS. I've replaced the group gasket twice (annually), and also replaced the water tank connector. I almost considered replacing the PID display after some of cells in the numbers appeared dimmer, but they eventually resolved themselves. It's the only mystery I've ever encountered with this machine.

I've inherited a Pavoni from a relative and find that it works fairly well for what I need (assuming I never have to serve three people in a row), so I am going to dive deeper into the lever game, and post this unit for sale.

I am the second owner, having purchased this from a friend. I have the original box, original receipt. I have the stock baskets and a ECM tamper that were included in the original sale.

Looking for a local purchase. I am South Central PA. I am about 1.5hrs from Baltimore and DC, three hours from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Four from NYC.

Price is 1100 dollars (The Pullman accessories are 450 dollars alone)