[GONE] "Tostatura in un libro"

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EDIT: TomC spoke eloquently for the book, and was also the first in line. Happy to have found a good home for it.

I'm happy to send via USPS Media Mail to anyone interested, Massimo Barnabà and Andrej Godina's book: "Tostatura in un libro"

I found it to be an interesting read, but for the most part concentrates on technique already well covered in English. There is no--for example--anecdotal information about 20-minute Italian roast methods, or their approaches to blending espresso. The below spread shows the effect of drum speed on RoR.

I'll send this to anyone free of charge, but I would request a once sentence PM, in English or Italian, telling me why you'd like the book. I'll ship to the person whose reason I find most appealing. No "first come, first served". I don't intend to prolong the search for an owner, so speak up if you're interested.

Thanks for looking!

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Thank you very much!

I just want to let folks know, by the time I saw the post it had 81 views. It wasn't me approving the post and then 'sniping" it :lol:

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Gosh, didn't know that Tom moderated the Buy/Sell forum. I'll cop to having cut things short; it seemed to me that my book had found a good home.

It's still in print, and can be had at Edizioni Medicea Frienze, along with a few other books:


Brought to my attention by Manuel Terzi: