[SOLD] TORR Goldfinger 58.4mm flat

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hi all,
I tried getting into home espresso about a year ago and it has not worked out for me.
I am resorting back to french press and pour over and would like to sell some of the parts I acquired. I have purchased all of these parts new less than a year ago, and they have only been used for a short amount of time. I kept them around to see whether I would try again but that has not happened.
I will split shipping on all items with the buyer.

* TORR Goldfinger Olive Burled 58.4mm flat - $105 (20% off) -- does not have the TORR logo on the base. More pics available on request.

SOLD Items:
* Pullman Chisel - $105 (25% off) SOLD
* ECM Classika PID - $1000 (31% off) SOLD
* ECM Flat Tamper - $40 (34% off) SOLD
* Rocket Espresso Knock Box - $30 (40% off) SOLD
* ECM Bottomless "Naked" Portafilter (w/ basket) - $45 (35% off) SOLD
* ECM Tamper Station - $40 (40% off) SOLD
* VST 18 precision basket ridgeless - $18 (38% off) SOLD

Thanks for looking!