[SOLD] Synesso Cyncra 1 Group - gen1, 110v, w/ Ace DotShot

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I'm moving and although I don't have to shed anything, I've been feeling a little encumbered by the scale and quantity of my espresso equipment. So I'm very tentatively putting this machine up for sale here to see if anyone is actually interested and close enough to pick it up.

I moved, and this Cyncra came with me. My coffee space has shrunk a bit, and some new stuff has been added, and I have to come to terms with the fact that I don't have a need or the space for it anymore.

I'm the second owner of this machine. A couple of years ago it made a pit stop at Synesso before freighting its way to me, and I had them convert it from 220v to 110v/20amps so that I could use it for pop-up work. 110v Cyncras are very rare, a point which Synesso emphasized because any service techs will not expect it. I adore this machine in part because it feels like a bit of a dinosaur...a cantankerous stainless steel ankylosaurus that can churn out espresso drinks all day/month/year long. It does basic line pressure PI with a reliable and consistent PID controlled flat temp profile. I had a ShureShot on it, but that died at an incredibly difficult moment, and I wound up replacing it with a DotShot, which I've been very happy with.

I'm pricing it the same price as a new Linea Mini. I might be able to drive it somewhere in the greater DC area, but it requires 2 people to move it about.

Price: $4900 $4400, local pickup or possibly freight at the buyers expense and arrangement
Location: DC NW area
russel at anacidicandbitterbeverage dot com