[FS] Synesso Cyncra 1 Group (Gen 1, 110v), DC area

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I tried to get myself to let go of this before and just couldn't do it, but I'm going to take another shot at it because I'm really trying to cut down this time, for real. This is a Gen 1 Cyncra that was converted to 110v for me by Synesso. It's physically a monster of a machine, but completely disappears in the best way when making drinks. The ergonomics are so good and so satisfying that I just want to pull another shot and steam another pitcher of milk immediately after using it. It has an ACE Dot Shot that I love. It comes with an IMS shower screen and a Cafelat XT portafilter. It needs line pressure to fill and pre-brew, and also needs to be plumbed out.

I love this machine, but I have something else coming in that sort of confirms that this really isn't making a return to my counter and I'd just like to find it a new home instead of having it live on the bottom of my roaster's cart that's supposed to be for greens storage.

Synesso Cyncra 1 Group 110v
Price: $3500
Shipping: pick up only in the DC/DMV area
russel at anacidicandbitterbeverage dot com