[SOLD] Scace Portafilter/Thermofilter Measuring Device

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Abe Carmeli
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For sale, is a pre-owned Scace Thermofilter/Portafilter, for espresso machines with E61 group-head. It gives you both temperature and pressure readings directly at the group. The device is very capable of measuring temperature to within a 10th of a degree. The "T" type thermocouple is very fast and accurate when used in conjunction with a Fluke digital thermometer.

You will need a digital thermometer, that can read "T" type thermocouples. (Like the HH506RA digital thermometer). Pressure is the other fluctuating factor when we discuss stability in an espresso machine. Knowing your brew pressure is just as important as the temperature, and we have found that coffee can taste quite different at variable pressures.

The Scace Thermofilter has an integrated glycerin filled pressure gauge that provides accurate brew pressure. Do you need a Scace device? The question really should be can you afford not to own one? Having the knowledge of temperature and pressure of your espresso machine is very valuable with regards to quality control.

Note that there is a crack on the dial cover, but the device is perfectly functional.

Price: $350

Abe Carmeli