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Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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edit: as of 4 January 2020 15 people placed an order and to ensure I properly label everything I will close the offer. In the future if this happens again I will see if I can accept more people and orders based off how this first one goes.

There has been elevated interest in Saka Caffe recently, so much that I am being encouraged to create a group buy page. Here is how it will work: normally I place an order when I go through all but 1kg of my current reserves. The last one I placed was about 2 months ago, and I currently have 5kg to go through before that order is placed, and with it taking about 2.5 weeks for me to go through a kg it will normally be a few months before the order is sent out.

However, with this heightened interest I can very likely do a separate order of just people's request. Please fill out the google form if you are interested and I will proceed from there based on how many responses and coffee is ordered. I will probably leave this open for a week or two to make sure anyone interested has enough time to fill out the form. The minimum combined order is 6kg.

In the past it has cost 40-50 dollars for one bag with shipping to your doorstep, but the recent euro rates may increase that a little. A final price cannot be determined until the order estimate is sent to me by Saka and I have calculated a shipping price to you from my address based off the order amount. If you have any questions please DM me on HB and I will happily respond. I intend to only have you pay my cost basis with no intent to profit. I just want people to enjoy neapolitan coffee as much as I do.

As of now I intend to keep this to CONUS.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

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