[SOLD] SAKA Caffe Neapolitan Coffee from GROUP BUY

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Hello! We recently had a very successful group buy for Saka Cafe Italian Coffee, but half the shipment was lost by DHL, and subsequently found 1 month later. Since Saka had already replaced the lost coffee, we now have a batch of extra coffee that we'd like to sell in order to reimburse Saka for the lost coffee (unfortunately there was no shipping insurance). Much of it has already been claimed, but we still have the remaining coffee listed below. Please send me a message if you're interested. These prices are discounted from the usual retail price. Shipping will be Fedex 2 day express for $10.75 for 3 kg or less in the continental US. If you'd like more than 3kg, we can ship Fedex ground for a few dollars more.

The coffee is in 1kg bags, priced per kg.

Gran Bar - 6kg - $24
Top Selection (100% Arabica) - 4kg - $26
Espresso bar - 1kg - $19
Classic Bar - 1kg - $22

For more info on Saka coffee, check out this thread: Saka Caffè in the States

Saka's Website: https://sakacaffe.it/negozio/#bar

Arabica / Robusta Breakdown:

Top Selection is pure Arabica
Gran Bar is 80/20 Arabica/Robusta
Classic Bar is 60/40 Arabica/Robusta
Espresso Bar is 50/50 Arabica/Robusta
Crema Bar (sold out) is 40/60 Arabica/Robusta

Moderator Note: This Italian coffee will still be fine after the delivery delay. Here's what H-B member Ryan Lee wrote when he learned about the re-delivery. (I just bought another bag.) Ryan trained as a barista at Saka. -- drgary
IamOiman wrote:The quality of the coffee will hardly have diminished in these past few weeks, it holds up well for a good long while.