[SOLD] Saka Caffe Group Order V2

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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At this point I have received 10+ DMs from people interested in another group buy, so I decided to acquiesce to the requests and open a group order for April. I am also placing my personal order at this time so it coincides well to do both this and my order.

Please fill out the google form if you are interested and I will proceed from there based on how many responses and coffee is ordered. I will probably leave this open for a week or two to make sure anyone interested has enough time to fill out the form.

In the past it has cost 40-55 dollars for one bag with shipping to your doorstep (I use Region A boxes for 1-2kg and Medium Size Priority Mail for 3kg), but the recent euro rates may influence the price a little, and I would like to cover the cost basis of the shipping supplies needed to box all the orders. Therefore a final price cannot be determined until the order estimate is sent to me by Saka and I have calculated a shipping price to you from my address based off the order amount. If you have any questions please DM me on HB and I will happily respond. I intend to only have you pay my cost basis + shipping supplies with no intent to profit. I just want people to enjoy neapolitan coffee as much as I do.

If you order 6kg or more personally you can have it shipped directly to your home.

You can see the opinion of people from the first group buy on Saka here.
Saka Caffè in the States

As of now I intend to keep this to CONUS.
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

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