[SOLD] Rossi RR45 Grinder

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Clearing out old equipment and this is the first to go. Old shop grinder that I cleaned up and used for a bit, but not in many moons at this point. Works as intended. Burrs were replaced (available from espressoparts.com among other places), and alignment seems pretty good based on marker test but I'm not trying to kid anyone into thinking this is the most desirable piece of kit out there. It's not pretty, and the hopper is beat to heck, but functions. If you have an abundance of counter space but a dearth of budget room, this could work for you. $125 firm, shipped CONUS, sold as-is.

*Note*: the thing I've stored inside the hopper is that dumb built-in tamper thing that someone once decided was a good idea. I took it off and, of course, lost the screws but if you really want to you could probably replace them at the hardware store.