[SOLD] Rocket R58 v3

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For Sale: 11 month old Rocket Espresso R58 in perfect condition with all original accessories, plus a Rocket bottomless portafilter and a silicone gasket. Selling because I caught a bad case of upgraditis but it's a beautiful machine in great condition. I made 2 shots per day. I backflushed it with Cafiza every 4-6 weeks and otherwise took good care of it (no descaling because SF water is beautifully soft). Bought from Seattle Coffee Gear.

Pictures and a video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cWVbDn5b5v8ux5XU7

$2000. I didn't save the box so local pickup / delivery in the SF Bay Area only -- I'll deliver it anywhere within an hour of Burlingame, or you can come pick it up.

Also for sale: a 10 yr old Mazzer Mini (with 5 yr old burrs) with a doserless funnel mod, $200, for pickup only (or I'll deliver along with the Rocket)