[SOLD] Rocket Mozzafiato Evo R and Eureka Atom 75 with Titanium Burr Upgrade

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I'm changing my home setup and looking to sell my ROCKET MAZZAFIATO EVO R and EUREKA ATOM 75 w/ TITANIUM BURR UPGRADE.

I am the original owner and purchased the machines in 2019 from Seattle Coffee Gear and Clive Coffee, respectively. Burrs were installed and tuned by Clive Coffee before shipping to me.

No visible scratches, scuffs or dings, perfect working order, cleaned on a regular basis with Urnex products, and only used Third Wave Water. Pulled on average 2 shots per day.

Comes with double spout portafilter, single spout portafilter, bottomless portafilter, blank, group head brush, IMS shower screen and 20gram VST Basket. Eureka includes original, untouched burrs.

Asking $2,150 for the Rocket and $950 for the Eureka.

I live around Washington DC, would love a local sale but happy to ship.

Will be happy to provide additional photo / videos if you want to see something specific.