[FS] Rocket Appartamento W/ Extras (Boston)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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For sale for local pick up in Boston Ma my Rocket Appartamento.

The machine itself is about 3 years old. I am the second owner (purchased from a neighbor who took great care of it this fall). He only used filtered water, as I have I. Throughout its life the machine has been back flushed daily and has been cleaned biweekly (weekly depending on times of more heavy usage). I pull about 2-3 shots a day on it and have never had any issues.

Comes with original box and packaging as well. Has the rocket tamper, a tamping station, steaming pitcher single and double ports filter.

Machine upgrades: silicon gaskets, competition shower screen, triple basket.

Accessories are: bottomless portafilter (by rocket), flow controller, Taylor thermometer, knock box.

Only issues are some superficially micro scratches but I'd imagine you could buff them out if need be (they never bothered me as you can see them unless light is shined upon the spot). I also don't have the cup rail because it was cheap plastic and I didn't like the look of it so I got rid of it.

For the machine with machine upgrades itself $1150
For the machine with the all the accessories listed $1400