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I am selling a Conti Prestina that was restored approximately three years ago. This Prestina is older than most as it appears to date back to the late 60s. The machine is in excellent condition and in many ways better than new. When I got the Prestina in February 2017, it appeared to be in original, unmolested condition. Several months later I began the restoration process, finishing it in late 2018. Details of a similar restoration process can be found in a post by DrGary titled "Conti Prestina Espresso Restoration 101".

All wear parts on the group have been replaced plus all fasteners with new stainless bolts, washers, circlips, pins, gaskets, etc. In addition, I replaced the group spring, installed a new 120v heating element (ordered from Gabor Karakai), piston rings, hand lever w/handle, portifilter, naked portifilter holder w/handle, control knobs for steam and hot water valves, filter holder seating, side extension, safety pressure relief valve, pressurestat, insulated cabinet, and all wiring.

The frame and body were sand blasted and professionally powder coated. All wiring now terminates in a terminal strip at the rear of the machine to allow easy trouble shooting and electrical modifications if desired.

Since then, I have used the Prestina daily, pulling four shots a day for my wife and myself.
Recent work in preparation for selling has included replacing the group body with a new Conti group body (the original had developed a small crack), adding a pressure release valve, removing the boiler and cleaning the interior, replacing the boiler gasket and the group gasket. replacing the wiring to the resistance, and general cleaning of the machine.

As you may know, Conti still uses the same group that's on this Prestina for their new lever machines. Since this group was developed over 50 years ago, this should tell you how good it is! This means parts for the group are readily available. Although Conti will not sell directly to consumers, you can order from a company in the USA. I dealt with the Conti factory in Monaco, but ordered parts from American Select Foods in LA.

Over the past 20 years I have bought numerous lever espresso machines, both home and commercial machines, refurbished or restored them and resold all except for two La Pavonis and this Prestina. This is the best espresso machine I have ever owned, period!
The Conti Prestina espresso machine is now in a custom-built wooden crate and is ready for shipment to its new owner.

$3,250 including free shipping via FedEx within continental US.
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