[SOLD] Reground Pre-2015 Geometry EK burrs, SSP LU burrs, Titus EK43 Carrier

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Unloading some EK43 spares I've accumulated over time.

Cast MK Burrs are from a 2019 EK43S Grinder, reground and revised to the pre-2015 Coffee burr Geometry and Silver Knight Coated. These have had a little less than 200lbs through them after the revision and are in great condition. Sold

The SSP LU burrs are in good condition, likely 100lbs or so through them over time. Work great as an all-arounder. Silver Knight Coated as well. Sold

MK Carrier is one I got from Titus, the newer anodized Coffee threaded (faster feeding) auger-lathed by Titus to have an extremely small runout and much better alignment than a stock MK auger.

Looking for $300 USD shipped for either burr set, $200 shipped for the Titus carrier.