[SOLD] Rancilio Silvia w/PID, Bottomless Portafilter, More

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling this Rancilio Silvia that was acquired as a project but never completed. It was used for about a month for espresso only while in my custody before purchasing a BDB. The machine is self is solid and fully functional.

The bad: Chromed plastic group cover is peeling, and the steam arm and surrounding area needs a good scrubbing. I purchased a new late-model arm to replace it

The good: Included are a new factory bottomless portafilter with basket, new group gasket, IMS shower screen, late model steam arm

Also included is this new Auber PID w/white display and preinfusion control:

Asking $375, which is less than the cost of the parts purchased. This is double boxed and ready to ship anywhere in the US.