[SOLD] Rancilio Silvia V4

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling Rancilio Silvia V4 because I want to upgrade to an HX. I've used it daily for both lattes and straight espressos and I've been happy with it over the last few years. Only run with filtered water and backflushed regularly.

Did some updates over the last couple of years:
  • Updated to a flat Shower screen (to avoid the classic Silvia hex bolt indent in the puck)
  • Replaced the pump with an EK5 (brass output compared to stock plastic)
  • Replaced the boiler heating element (to the updated welded design)
  • Replaced the boiler gasket (why not, while I'm in there)
  • Replaced the grouphead gasket as part of annual maintenance
  • Rebuilt the steam wand recently with new seals to fix a leak out of the steam tip (can share a video confirming this fixed it too on request).
While I had the boiler apart I confirmed that it looked clean, no scale buildup etc(can probably dig up picture of this too on request).

Selling As-Is, see pictures for condition. Includes the following:
  • machine
  • naked portafilter
  • single basket (7g)
  • triple basket (21g)
  • blind basket (cleaning)
Asking $450 plus shipping. Shipping estimate is ~$60 but depends on your location. Machine is double boxed and ready to ship but can meet somewhere in the SE Michigan area as well.