[FS] Rancilio Silvia V4 - Fresh Rebuild

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Up for grabs is my Rancilio Silvia V4 2012 with internal PID.

The full rebuild is here: Rancilio Silvia frame restore Rancilio Silvia frame restore Rancilio Silvia frame restore

Here is the full list of parts that were replaced as part of this restore.
  • Frame full sandblast, etching primer, then two layers of automotive black paint
  • New feet
  • New heating element and both upper and lower gasket
  • Steam valve rebuild
  • New steam wand
  • New heating element wires
  • New grouphead gasket
  • New pump in brass
  • New grouphead trim in non peeling black
  • New water switch
  • Installed 3M paint protection film to protect against paint damage and keep the water away from the frame
  • New O-rings between grouphead and three way solenoid body
This unit was a Christmas gift of December of 2012 and has been my sole espresso machine since.

The only issues I have ever had was I burned out the heater in 2014 and replaced that and the pump. December of 2016 the Auber PID was installed. This year I finally had an opportunity to fully restore the machine and bring it back to as close to just out of the box condition and did the paint protection film as an insurance policy to keep the rust away. I also Scotchbrighted? The cup warmer, drip tray, and stainless steel behind the drip tray.

As to how it was used I am a milk drinker so the steam was used on a daily basis for two drinks a day every day with the exception of June through September where I would drop down to shots only around 3 to four a week. This was descaled three times a year and while it was torn down there was no scale to be found in the boiler or any other parts of the machine.

I'm selling with everything pictured. The unit has been fully tested for leaks, and I have pulled several shots post rebuild its running like new and runs identical to my Silvia Pro. Ideally it will sell to someone close to home south Jersey Cherry Hill is the closest town as I would rather not ship.

I'm going to start at $600.00

The parts included are: original manual, PID manual, PID install instructions, OEM plastic tamper, OEM single shot basket, OEM double shot basket, unknown double shot basket, two espresso parts double shot baskets, two espresso parts triple shot baskets, one grouphead brush, a blister pack of cleaner, and one pack of descale.

Thank you for your time.


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Now 575.00