[FS] Rancilio S27 machine, Rancilio MD50 grinder, and separate S27 parts machine (Maine/Boston) [Price Reduced]

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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$900 $700 or best offer. Price is for local pickup. I'm based in Bangor ME and am willing to drive toward Boston area. I'm also willing to split out and sell items separately.

Here's video of machine + grinder making an espresso:
Sale includes:

1 Working Rancilio S27 Espresso Machine
1 Working Rancilio MD50 Grinder
1 For parts Rancilio s27 Espresso Machine (group head missing from picture, but included in sale)
Miscellaneous parts (baskets, chopped off naked portafilter + separate portafilter with pressure gauge attached)

I think this sale would make a great starting point for someone wanting to get into espresso. You are getting a working commercial level setup. It has a rotary pump, machine can be plumbed in or draw from a bucket with flow jet style pump to provide line pressure.

You should also know that this equipment was restored by an amateur (me). You should be knowledgeable or have it checked by someone who is before using. You should also be willing and able to tinker. The restoration process is documented here: Rancilio S27 - Restoration?

Since completing the restoration I've used the machine daily without problems with these exceptions:

- Tripped the circuit a few times (year + ago). Hasn't happened since, problem documented here: Trips circuit breaker yesterday and works today. What next?

- A fuse blew on the control board (year + ago), problem documented here: Rancilio S27 electrical/computer problems

- 2 times the 3 way valve solenoid made loud buzzing. First time (year + ago) resolved self next day. Second time (2 months ago) I ordered a new replacement. Before installing new replacement I tried machine again and problem had resolved. Machine is still using the original 3 way valve, but I'm including the new replacement in the sale.

Notes Modifications:

- Biggest modification is that I installed a restrictor valve in the group head. This greatly improved the machine by decreasing flow rate to acceptable levels. See linked video. Before this modification it would really blast the puck each time.

- Removed grinders automatic dosing mechanism. Removed parts are included in sale.

- New parts: The pump is new (or at least newly rebuild by Procon). The grinder has new 64mm burrs.

- I citric acid descaled the boiler and HX system about 2 weeks ago preparation for sale and have been using since without issue.


Photos of 1 Working Rancilio s27 Espresso Machine:

Photos of 1 Working Rancilio MD50 Grinder:

Photos of 1 For parts Rancilio s27 Espresso Machine (group head missing from picture, but included in sale):