[SOLD] Rancilio Rocky doserless -- near mint condition (NYC)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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The unit has all new internals from Stefano (Espresso Care):

* new Rocky Grinder Chamber Kit
* new Rocky burr set including screws

The case is in very good condition; can be made perfect by ordering a new Rancilio Rocky Base

Our Rocky renovation kept being back-burnered during a hideously long and difficult apartment renovation. When I finally got to it, I overtightened the burr carrier and without a bench vise it will stay that way. Meanwhile I purchased a Niche Zero and Fellow Ode. Now that our apartment renovation is slowly winding down I am able to physically access the Rocky again (and tomorrow our long-buried La Pavoni Pro ;-)

Rocky is built like a tank and as it is mainly new I'd like someone to get it, but you'll need a bench vise to free the burr carrier. It's free but no shipping -- must pick up in person or if outside NYC have a relative or friend do it for you.

H-B has been a great learning forum for me and this is a partial thank you.