[SOLD] Rancilio Miss Silvia V6 Auber PID Like New

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This is my personal Rancilio Miss Silvia V6 (July 2020 build date) espresso machine. Used in my home for one shot or less per day for the last 15-ish months. I installed a Blue LED Auber PID with Pre-Infusion programming the day this unit arrived. Only powered on for 1 hour a day via a smart outlet as I only drink a single cup in the early AM. I only used very soft water (tested monthly) and seldom used the steam wand. Just cleaned, boiler drained and ready for you to move up to this wonderful machine.

Comes with everything pictured (3 baskets, bottomless portafilter, 2 spout portafilter, blind plug) and the manual. I also have the original shipping box and packing. This machine is as close to brand new as you'll find. Only selling as I bought a Decent. I also have a near new Rocky Doser-less grinder for sale on here.

$700 with free shipping CONUS (offers considered)
Payment via Zelle, Venmo (owned by Paypal) or Paypal.
Shipping from Central NY. I can provide references for purchase confidence (100% feedback on ebay since 1997)