[SOLD] Compak K3 Touch (Boston)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Rancilio Classe 6 single grouphead semi-automatic machine - $1400 - SOLD
Compak K3 Touch Chrome - $400

Local pick up, or buyer to pay shipping.

This was my personal espresso machine setup. Very well cared for and always properly cleaned and stored when not in use. As you can see in the pictures, both the machine and grinder are in excellent condition. Both items were purchased new from authorized dealers. I have been the sole owner (and user) of these items.

The machine works like new. Sounds great, heats up fast and retains the heat very well. I have used it both plugged in directly to a water line (with a water filtration system) and more recently in a pump system using 5 gallon bottles as seen in one of the pictures.

At the moment, both items are stored away in their original boxes. I unfortunately don't have the place to set these up anywhere in my new home, and would have to rent a storage unit to keep them. I sadly must move on, and hope they find a proper home somewhere.

If you you want to purchase both items, I will include everything pictured. From the rolling cart to the pump and all the accessories. I can accept Paypal, cash or Venmo

Thanks, and feel free to ask any questions.


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Quick bump to mention I am back from vacation.

I have also found a new OEM Rancilio grouphead screen I had as a backup as well as a new OEM Rancilio plastic cup grill/insert. The original one is still fine, but I remember I had purchased a back-up in case it broke.

Also looking at shipping/freight options since I haven't gotten much interest from local buyers. Several have inquired about shipping the unit which I'm looking into now. I got some quotes from $400 to $650 ! Expensive...

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Take a look at FedEx Freight Box shipping. If you stay on the same side of the Mississippi, it's pretty reasonable.
Dan Kehn

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I actually did take a look at that option. It was $350, but I'm not sure I filled the form correctly. I'll have to revisit ultimately if someone requests. Up to now freight was the preferred option. It adds so much to the total price however.

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The machine has been sold.

I have the chrome Compak K3 Touch left. It's a great grinder. No bells, no whistles. Just works and never fails. Looks great next to chrome or silver machines.

I can definitely ship this item for anyone interested.